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       City Gas means a complete outreach of natural gas supply to business and household around a metropolitan area in a safe and rapid mode.

       City gas is practical for a big city like Bangkok, which is expanding with an increasing population and higher demand for energy.  Energy management to ensure adequate supply while introducing alternatives for electricity and oil, particularly in the transport sector, is urgently required.

       To bring the gas discovered in the Gulf of Thailand to shore in Rayong province, PTT laid the very first transmission pipeline in 1981.  Another was laid along major roads to bring the gas to the Bang Pakong power plant in Chachoengsao province and to the South Bangkok power plant in Samut Prakan province.  The gas was intended to replace fuel oil previously used in power generation.  The network of gas pipelines was later expanded to reach other power plants and factories to fuel both power generators and industrial processes.

       Today, PTT is planning to expand its transmission pipeline system into the city to optimize the use of gas as an alternative fuel replacing fuel oil, cooking gas (LPG), and diesel.  The plan, at the same time, supports the expansion of NGV stations in metropolitan areas, thus providing a wider reach for natural gas in the transport sector while providing more convenience for the increasing number of NGV users.
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       City gas can furthermore facilitate various business operators in urban areas, such as large commercial buildings, educational institutions, hotels, and department stores.  These operators can use natural gas in their district cooling and co-generation systems, the technology being employed at Suvarnabhumi International Airport and the Government Complex on Chaeng Wattana Road, Bangkok.  It will also be used at the Energy Complex buildings soon. 

        City gas can also be used for cooking with gas stoves, ovens, or rice cookers in favor of LPG.  Besides, it is good for producing hot water or hot steam necessary for hotels’ laundry processes and hospital’s sterilization processes.

       City gas will be delivered through pipelines with diameters ranging from two to 12 inches, in which pressure will be lowered as specified for use.  Gas pipelines are linked up in the form of a looping network using international-standard equipment.  Distribution pipelines, in case of emergency or maintenance, can be independently shut down without any disruption on overall gas project supply.  This would ensure the stability of city gas delivery.


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